Processing Wild Pacific Smoke Salmon

Little Miss Chief brings together traditional and modern methods of producing Wild Smoke Salmon. Throughout the history of the First Nations aborigional people of Canada the process of producing a properly Smoked Salmon has been held in the greatest regard. For generations, lessons and recipes have been passed down from Elders to the youth, to preserve the heritage of The First Nations People. Smoke Salmon, was and still is a very important element to the everyday life of humanity as it feeds many people in every country of the world.

The process followed is the thawing and filleting of the salmon which is then placed in marinate and refrigerated for the required time. It is then removed, placed on smoking racks and put into the smoker, then it is air dried to bring on what is known as a glaze. Once this happens, smoking commences and stays on for the specified time. The product is then portioned, placed and sealed in the foil pouches. Following this the pouches are placed in a retort and cooked. The product is best sampled by using spreadable cream cheese with chives topped with salmon.

The Little Miss Chief Pacific Wild Smoke Salmon product contains no preservatives, requires no refrigeration until opened and is shelf stable for a minimum of 5 years. It can be used in recipes for pastas, salads, hors d’oeuvres, quiches, pizza or served over rice with sizzled olive oil and scallions.