Legends of the First Nations

True to tradition, Little Miss Chief has brought together this collection of artwork as a reminder of the beliefs and benefits of the Native heritage for future generations to enjoy.

The Earth is full of many different kinds of spirits and powers, both positive and negative, physical and spiritual, seen and unseen. In Native heritage, the passing of social customs and history from one generation to another rested upon the oral traditions of story telling and the enactment of legends. Animal spirits of a special class were believed to live in groups similar to those of human beings.

The Thunder Bird

The Thunder Bird has a dual purpose and is at times considered malicious or benevolent towards mankind for his acts against nature. It is a mystical bird which is winged and mighty, the motion of its wings are said to fill the air with thunder and a single glance from its fiery eyes causes lighting to shatter the heavens. It is also said to be a friend to man, a willing protector, a teacher and at times a creator.

The Bear

The Bear is believed to have special medical powers. It represents insight, introspection, protection and healing. The Bear sometimes appears in an individuals dreams or visions as a spirit guide for times of healing. The Bear is the spirit guardian of the sacred lands of earth.

The Salmon

The Salmon represents unity, infinity and spirituality. The Salmon were believed to dwell in a huge house, far under the sea. In their home the Salmon went about in human form. When the time came for the annual runs, they put on their robes of salmon skin and converted themselves into fish. The run was thus perceived to be a voluntary sacrifice for the benefit of mankind. When the bones of the fish were returned to the water, they washed down to the sea where the fish reassembled themselves and came back to life, completing the cycle of infinity.

The Eagle

Eagles are symbolically a very special and powerful sign. They represent protection, wisdom, foresight, strength and spirituality. To see an Eagle while you are praying or performing a ceremony, confirms that your prayers have been answered. The Eagle are said to carry our prayers directly to the Great Creator.

The Raven

The Raven represent the power of creation from the void of darkness, the unknown and the spirit world. The Raven is always a good sign, but has distinct, and often multiple messages and meanings. The Raven is one of the very few natural powers and supernatural aids that can go into the land of the deceased and can carry messages from past relations. The Raven provides purification, protection and is a messenger of wealth. Among the Raven’s many feats, he stole the Moon and the Sun from the Sky Chief and put them into the heavens and brought mankind the first berries and Salmon.