Little Miss Chief Gourmet Wild Pacific Salmon

Little Miss Chief offers a gourmet Wild Pacific Smoked Salmon marinated in sunkissed organic Okanagan wine using no preservatives or artificial colours. The Smoke Salmon fillets are marinated in organic Okanagan wine and slowly smoked over natural wood chips to bring out the remarkable flavour. Our Smoke Salmon process requires no refrigeration until opened and Little Miss Chief uses only wild Pacific Salmon, ocean caught. Our products are packed in vacuum sealed foil retort pouch and have a minimum shelf life of five years with no refrigeration required until opened. Smoked Salmon is excellent for hiking as a survival food and for gift giving because of gourmet quality and attractive packaging.

We invite you to enjoy an authentic aboriginal recipe passed down through generations. “Little Miss Chief’s” Wild Smoked Salmon’s delicate balance of exquisite flavours are sought after around the world and are available at discerning grocery stores, delicatessens, specialty food stores for shopper purchase, and available throughout Canada, The Switzerland, Poland and the United States.

Quality & Sustainability

Produced from wild salmon, freshly caught from the Northern Pacific waters of Canada. The production plant is registered with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in Canada, The Federal Food and Drug Administration in Washington, D.C. and the European Common Market countries for the production and marketing of our hiqh quality smoked salmon.

Tradional, unique, Canadian, and convenient. Buy Canadian Wild Smoked Salmon

Remember to respect the land, your family and all whom you come into contact with. Listen to your elders; they have very important story to tell and we should share our heritage and knowledge with all on this Earth that are willing to listen and learn.  Little Miss Chief